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So as I sit here alone on my last evening in Malawi I realize there is so much I haven’t shared.  So much of these experiences can’t be put into words. There are a million moment that can’t ever be describe or captured in pictures. Those are the moments that must be experienced. It is my greatest hope to share this passion and these experiences with as many people as possible.
On every other trip this last dinner has been at a table surrounded by new friends and a sort of family that has been established over the course of 2 weeks. It almost seems poetic in a way that I sit here at this table alone tonight. My first trip with With Change In Mind and those that are supposed to be here with me tonight are….those who are here are me and my thoughts and the memories of 9 amazing trips to Malawi. I am thinking of ever single volunteer and every single person who has touched each of those experiences. I can picture them all here around the table with me. They are not here physically, bit in spirit I feel every one of them. All of their laughs and smiles. I can picture each of them and exactly what they would be saying if they were here with me tonight. It’s been a long time since I have sat and had a meal out alone, but tonight I don’t feel alone at all. It is the spirit of every single one of those people who has brought me to this place in space and time. So cheers to all of you! The ones I remember and the ones I don’t. Cheers to those who changed me and cheers to the those I helped change along the way. I miss your faces here around this table. The music is playing and there isn’t another person in the restaurant , but for me tonight I’ll think of all of you. Zikomo …Zikomo from my heart to yours. My life has been forever changed. I’m so glad I took the leap and I challenge each of you to do the same. I can promise great change will happen for you. I know I will continue to do what I love and I’ll do it all with change in mind……


  1. Linda says:

    A tear and a smile for you…xoxoxo

  2. Sara says:

    makes me so happy to read this! Smiles from california 🙂

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