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It All Starts With A Plan

With Change In Mind has just returned from another wonderful trip to Malawi. This trip was unique in so many ways.


For the past year we have been meeting with a company based in Raleigh, North Carolina called MicroMass. “MicroMass is a healthcare marketing agency that applies proven techniques from health psychology and behavioral science to change patient and provider behaviors.”


In our first meeting they told me that they had a desire to work with us, but weren’t sure how they could help. They loved what we were doing in Malawi and wanted to find a way to add something to the community we were working with. Over the course of several months, and in several meetings it came to light that the community in Malawi where our school had recently been built was asking for family planning education. I presented the idea to MicroMass and they knew right away that it was somethinig they could do. MicroMass spent months developing a course that could be taught to both men and women in the community.


In early February I traveled with Alyson Connor and Margot Mahannah, two amazing women from MicroMass, as well as a good friend of With Change In Mind who volunteered his time to film the experience. The four of us were very excited to get on the ground in Malawi and get to work!


The courses were attended by about 200 people! The community enjoyed not only the information, but the safe space that was created for them to come and ask their questions. This was all about providing information and education. It was clear to all of us that the community felt relieved knowing that the information they were getting was factual and could be trusted. Many of the community members expressed that they now felt empowered to make decisions regarding their own family planning needs. Everything from birth control, child spacing, anatomy, and sex education were offered. No questions were off limits and although there was an incredible amount of information and learning there were also moments of laughter and of course fun. The trip ended up being a huge success.


Having someone along with us documenting the experience added a new element to the trip. We were able to get hours and hours of video that we will use to share with our supporters, not only about how this trip went, but also all that is happening with our staff in Malawi; the school; food program; garden; and future plans! Being able to give all of you a look at exactly what’s happening will be so much fun! We can’t wait to start sharing new videos soon!


We found out yesterday that MicroMass has been nominated for an award in their industry for the work they did with us in Malawi. We are so proud of their team and couldn’t be happier to see their work recognized in this way. Please help us congratulate them! You can see the article here –

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